Friday, June 5, 2009

June 4, 2009 Dreamscape

Oh BLIMEY but this was a grand dream!! I was sitting on a quiet early morning at this lovely dressing table, with French doors open to a herringbone brick-patterned, very shabby and loved garden/patio. The birds kept coming in to perch on top of the mirror, singing and singing but there was something different about their melodies and the intense way they gazed at me. Finally, the blue jay and these two cardinals flew off and came back holding the edges of this 3-dimensional translucent sheet of hands, which they draped over the mirror in front of me. Then, as they took turns singing, the hands began to interpret for them, signing their invitation to me to come out on the patio, into the serene morning. The blue jay wanted me to see her nest, her perfect tiny round eggs (4 of them). The cardinals wanted to show off doing an air show, just a frolic of speed and current carousing. Now, I don't actually know sign language, just the alphabet, but in my dream I could speak it and yes! I joined the winged patio and sky adventures!!

Man! I so so so want to go back INTO that DREAM!!! I wanted to be Dr. Doolittle when I was a kid, really speak to animals and birds ... last night, in this dream, it happened! COME BACK!!! I want to play again, more, longer, forever!


Holly said...

Holy freeholi, did you really dream all of that? Did you? I so wish I lived in your head with you. What a place.

Toni said...

Yea, Holly, I did actually dream that. Most of my dreams are like this, which is why I was so thrilled to discover the Polyvore collage site ... there is just no way to capture every dream, every night, in my journal (24 pages of writing vs. some specific collage images) ...

I've been inside this dream all day long! what a stunning experience!

candy said...

I wanna go too! I'll even bring Petey!