Thursday, June 25, 2009

When We Meet

When We Meet
[all photos by Sam]

Here I am!
skipped by a dreamer's hand
across the ocean, a
heart-shaped stone
veined in rose,
clattering onto your front stoop.
Never mind your sidelong glance at once ironic & pithy --
I've come to torture your
electric toaster,
slobber on your guest pillow,
run my mouth whenever you attempt to read,
but mainly?
I've come to meet your meadow!
Pull on your dungarees, Cupcake,
& lead the way,
past stone doorways & plant-pot
people poised on garden benches, through familiar turns,
you, me, and
a small tiger
clammering instead for a tractor transport.

We'll trespass, won't we?
Clang open the rusty metal
gate, tipping on its hinges from
a stalwart, wood and weathered post?
Chin-high nettles,
suddenly friendly, raise a prickly-chorus to your name,
& the trees beyond
dip their heads in a home-girl nod
to your presence.
We'll stroll, arms linked &
trailed by the tiny beastie
(eyeing ME warily but
watching US curiously), and in
a meadow opening, shaded just-so
in dappled rays, fanned by the
tree posse, we'll sit
cross-legged, facing each other,
& join together that third eye
in the center of our foreheads --
heart-sourced & pulsating,
the sweet connecting of souls.
We'll remember, quietly,
& learn, calmly, but our
interlaced knuckles will
whiten with discovery:
You! Me! Us! We!
[& just behind your right shoulder,
the tiny tiger observes,
his curls lit like autumn.]

Joy & joining catapult us upward,
a high SPRING to
our enlightened feet --
& we'll take
the tiger's pawlets,
one in each of our hands, &
fashion a run to match
all our tempos,
the grasses & nettles & trees parting,
[and grinning],
snapping their own versions of our
Kodak Moment -- to recall us,
later, among themselves
beneath the moonlight --
leaning toward each other,
whispering, "Did we dream it?
Were they real?"

You spin off, & the little one,
trusting your trust in me,
trusting his own momentum &
the moment, gives me
his free hand & we twirl,
3 together ...

& the ants march &
the clouds blush for having
even considered rain
& the leaves twinkle

& the nettles preen their thorns,
anticipating your selection (soon)
of those to accompany us home,
those to become our tea.

Here I am!
One of you,
one with you,
heart-shaped & honed, released
to & revealed of
just these pumping rosy veins
tracking our dance, our walk,
our tiger companion asleep in
your lap, our hands
knitted together,

& OUR meadow (now). And later, we'll drink the
nettle tea, and it is the
day in liquid perfection,
delivering again
You! Me! Us! We!


for Sam and Ruben
June 25, 2009


Mel said...

WOW, WOW, WOW and WOW again!!

This is some kind of special...


She's gonna love it...:) I know I did....

Holly said...

How lucky can one Sam be? This is beautiful, Toni. Like you. Like her. Beautiful.

Carla said...

Holy Smokes! Did you write this? It's simply wonderful!!

Cam said...

You are on a roll, girlfriend! This did make me cry a little...

I love Sam, and you, and Mel, and Holly, and Beth, and this whole crazy journey we are on together!

Raising a glass to you (but not right now, I have to work tonight, but when I get off in the morning, there is a glass with you name on it, and Beth's Pomegranate Punch in it!

Samantha said...

They're all right, Honey.
Thank you so much.
I'm speechless. Amazed by your beautiful, imaginative, creativity. When I read it, we were absolutely there doing that stuff, and it was fabulous.

Pomegranate Punch all round?

cinner said...

Just beautiful....amazing, cinner

beth said...

oh, cripes girl, you are one talented you know that ?

what a gift you have just given someone {sam}...a gift that will stay in her heart for years to come..a true blessing !

when john and I renew our vows someday, I want you to help me with my words, K ???

rivergardenstudio said...

Oh Toni... what a beautiful poem... and words to the little Sam... moments in a day you and she will never forget... saved in your writing... I had to read this twice, Toni... and as ever I was touched by your last comment on my blog as well... thank you.