Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I am SO getting my LaBelle journal background groove on -- last night, I listened to a new (to me) Rickie Lee Jones CD THREE TIMES IN A ROW (it's that good, see bottom of post) and just played & played & played. I wrote in my journal this morning, after eyeballing the pages again -- I must work entirely in my right brain when I'm my zone, because when I look at the pages, later, it's like seeing them for the first time with my cognitive brain. I remember the FEELING of the pages but don't remember all the images used until I see them again -- they're that, um, melded into my creative process. Pier 5. Paint, rubber stamp images, deco tape, vintage postcard from my collection, little paper image. Meep Meep! The LaBelle Love Bug visits Toni in the desert. Can ya dig it? VW is a copy machine transfer with copic marker, then painted. Meep! Gifts From and To The Sea. Inspired by the colors of the shells on the tag. A soothing page, to me. This is on a piece of manila folder, and I've already aged/distressed the other side - can't wait to see what I do with that. I never know 'til I get there and get started. Pears. [ya think?] anyway I was trying to get the colors of bosc and regular pears, with the greens and browny-golds ... the right edge made me think of a garden trellis. Reclining. Vintage wallpaper background, vellum envelopes with wee sooprises inside, old button, velvet ribbon, vintage photo from a collection. I could really see this wallpaper in the room our reclining heroine is in, here! I chose her because her dress looks like a mermaid tail, doesn't it? Designed and Produced. Those words are from a fabric swatch ... various paper bits, little folder. This is one of my Julification backgrounds that had the dark strip up the center. Looks better now. Cat's Eye. Leftover paint from my palette (cool!), swirly stamps, tag, twine, cat's eye circle on a big brad!
Rickie Lee Jones, Evening of My Best Day
And for anyone who buys used from Amazon, the seller GOHASTINGS rocks my world -- turbo mailing, items are ALWAYS as they describe them, they take care with how they package their stuff ... I always look for them, now, and will pay more for something if they have it.


beth said...

I still have no idea how you get all these pages done...when my friends were here last week, they wanted to make some art pages like some I had made, so we sat and played with paper and photos and glue and then some paint, while I showed them what to do and we each made one page in the course of two hours....hmmmm ?

Wildly Cam said...

Oh the BUS, Toni!

I laughed out loud and girlie squealed and ran to get the Bergman!
I can't wait...I can't wait...I love it!

I am going to save that page for the first picture of me in my bus! I am still actively looking for it every day! I have a feeling it will be this fall... Definitely before I turn 30 this December!

And, I would so travel into the desert (on a horse with no name) to go visit my homegirl, Toni!


cinner said...

Hello Toni, I love the bus too, I though I left a message yesterday. Y ou need to stop by my blog....there just might be an award awaiting for you....Thankyou my darling friend... Cinner