Wednesday, June 10, 2009

LaBelle? or Beara?

This is a direct rip-off of the fun fun fun child's art work I saw in a doctor's office. I can't credit the young artist except to say what a GREAT piece you did! At first, this seemed bent on going in the LaBelle journal, but this morning when I was sitting on my patio roost eyeballin' it, I thought: oooh, what a cool a** thing to turn into a gynormous post card and send to My Love, Ciera Beara! So now I'm torn. I may have to do another. Can you imagine, as an 8 year old, receiving a post card of THIS size? hee! (shhh, Daddy Chris and Unk Cam, don't tell her about this!)


Wildly Cam said...

I love it, you love it, and our wild woman in training would love it too.

Considering the loss of her beloved furry friend recently, I believe she could use a little pick-me-up...

You know how much that would make her smile!!