Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Adding Color - Purposefully

I didn't want to post these earlier, as I was waiting for permission to use the inspiration photo, and to link back to this blog, as it's new to me. But permission has been generously granted ... My color inspiration, found HERE. [Copyright by Photographer Hanne Stoyer.] Take 1 - I would wholeheartedly like this one except the collage element, dead center, is TOO dark! Take 2 - I like it but too much drippage! Take 3 - My personal favorite.


Holly said...

Your choice mine...and that inspiration photo???!!!! Divine!

Carla said...

I like your fave best, too! The edges echo the beautiful edges of the rose-gorgeous!!

Sally said...

I love your inspiration and your interpretation of the flower. Very nice.

Wildly Cam said...

I think Holly should get a dozen of those purple touched roses every day! I know how much she loves the purple!

And, I'm with you on your fave! Love it!

Samantha said...

Really loving this ~ the colours and the composition actually. I agree with you on your fave though.

It makes me think of ice-cream .... or that could be because I just read Cam's homage to the chilly stuff on Holly's blog and I'm a big fan at the moment too ..... YUM

Big Blessings