Thursday, June 4, 2009

June 3, 2009 Dreamscape

This dream was entirely inspired by Ms. Patty's post, here at A Diary Left Open. Since I also have had a recurring/continuation dream about a white jaguar, it all works together. The pendulums? not sure ... I was looking at homemade jewelry on ETSY late yesterday afternoon, but none of it looked like this. I'm CERTAIN, though, that I'm the human kneeling before the approach of the jaguar.

Speaking of that jewelry, look at THIS!!! The ETSY shop is called StudioSeven20 ... I like every piece posted there. I sent this photo to my family -- we're always tossing around Tiffany ads for kicks? So I said THIS beats the bejeezuz outta Tiffany's, and at an affordable $89, too? Cool cool cool!


Holly said...


beth said...

those pendulums mean something...hmmm, I wonder what ? Javier perhaps ?

and those blue are totally getting the hang of all that painting and layering and fabulousness !

Carla said...

Very cool! Maybe the pendulums stand for water, or something else. Don't dowsers sometimes use pendulums like this to find water, or decide which essential oil to use for your message? It could represent that you are finding something or looking for something.

candy said...

I actually have a couple of the pendulums shown there. I love the vertical element to this collage


rivergardenstudio said...

Wow Toni... you have done so much since I last visited... I love this jaguar collage! Roxanne

Patty Mooney said...

hee hee