Friday, June 12, 2009


My message from the Universe today: "Very simply, Antonia, the more that you accept responsibility for, the more power you have. Doesn't that rock?

The Universe

Though I would like to take credit for Fridays, Antonia. You know, generally speaking."

A. Due to a situation at work, I've been sputtering, frustrated, raging, & mainly depressed all week, like somebody has had a mongo cast iron lid over me, sitting on it, trying to suppress me. And I've been doing a whole BUNCH of finger pointing & kvetching & yammering & whining in my journal, instead of 'seeing what I need to see' [about ME] in all of it.

B. That said, when I read this post, I just wanted to reach out and slap the Universe, ya know? And holler, "SHADDUP, already, self pity is SO much more dramatic!"

C. As for Fridays, mine anyway, wouldn't be offering to take NO credit for those.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

So? How's everyone?


Holly said...

I'm loving you, is how I am today. Thanks for asking!

Wildly Cam said...

Oh muh goodness...

The Universe totally called you out about Fridays!

Its been calling me out lately too, but I called down the thunder...

I just love how it shakes things up, don't you?

Hope today issued a ceasefire in your war on Fridays!