Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Double BB Dreams

My anticipation of "soap date night" has even entered my dreamscape!! That IS a Denzel pic, yes, but it's meant to be Double BB [who won't pose for me like that].


Samantha said...

lucky woman xx

beth said...

hee heee

you and your soap crack me up !

and just wait until the hubby is sleeping and then sneak a few pics !

Holly said...

Glub Glub Two B's in a tub! Have fun with your soap and water and man! Dream girl!

cinner said...

I love it my girl, hot, hot, ouch!you left me as message on my blog. have a fabulous trip. do everything you want and more. you will have so many exciting things to tell us when you get back. Have a wonderful time, I will be thinking about you,,,,kiving vicariously through you...have a great time with your mom....oh I am so excited for you. yeahhhhhhh!love ya, cinner

Cam said...

Am I gonna have to hose you off, Booger Snot?