Friday, June 19, 2009

Groovin' on LaBelle

Dreaming to the Moon. A Julification page that Cam liked, with just a few Toni touches. LaBelle Parasol. Paint and rubber stamps. The parasol pulls out for journaling on the back. Ticket to Ride. Cam? Dearest? This is NOT meant to be you, except in escapade and attitude, 'k? & possibly hair color. Meanwhile, hands - eesh! Proportions - blimey! FACES - SHITE!! But you know, I sat down and just straight-up painted this, no sketches first, no erasing of any sort, just did it, looking at a magazine photo. And the 'gist' is there, the feeling. There will be more of these.


cinner said...

I am lovin these pages. The last one does look like cam. even if you did not mean it. You go Toni. have a great weekend. Take Care.

lee said...

I love it, you and I think alike, when I saw the challenge on IT I thought immediately of "Youve got a ticket to ride, you did an amazing job....

Cam said...

It really does look like me! You nailed the hair, and the colors! I am your brown eyed girl, Toni!

I was offline due to the rampant celebrations of the birth of my son a decade ago, so I just saw this tonight, and I am so happy!

So stoked to see it in person someday! You are makin' my day, Toni!

PS-you think if I take the journal into Home Depot they can match paint to that blue so I can do my living room wall in it? Like, the blues and the greens in the exact waves as on the page? I mean, per their ad, aren't they obligated to figure it out?


candy said...

sigh! love the parasol! what an awesome idea!