Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Fumed into a Stupor

Ok. So we move the Bobfather, we have a nice leisurely lunch, we go back to his apartment to clean. What does Toni do? She chooses the living room as her target cleaning area. Dust/clean venetian blinds, Windex the insides of the windows, take long-handled scrub brush and clean out the window casings.

She also commences to spray the tile with a Clorox bleach over-the-counter spray, to loosen up the worst of the stains, thinking all the while it was the Mop&Shine tile cleaner bottle.

She then mixes her normal cleaning cocktail into the mop bucket: ammonia, dish washing liquid, a little white vinegar. Then she begins to mop.

Wait 10 minutes, and she can't breathe. She opens the front door, steps outside, inhales 20 times, returns to mopping.

Breathing worsens. Repeat outdoor breathing break.

Finish mopping the entire house, following above procedure.

She goes home, cough cough cough cough cough cough cough cough GAG WRETCH cough cough. Along with excruciating headache. She sleeps propped up to alleviate (not eliminate) coughing. She spends all day yesterday hoarse, headachey, and coughing every time she breaths in. She goes home with The Almighty Mutha of a Headache and goes directly to bed.

Can Toni Now Say: never mix bleach with ammonia? (I knew that; it just didn't register that I was spraying the floor with bleach and not the Mop/Shine stuff. I was tired.)

But it's a new day, my headache is gone, I'm only coughing a VERY little ... and now tonight I can go home and enjoy working on my new Julification process.


Cam@Journey Wildly said...

Lordy, Toni!!

Between you almost blowing yourself up, and me almost burning the house down...somebody really needs to be more responsible about leaving us alone...

Did you say it, Toni?
the mantra of folks like us?


Holly said...

The things we do to help those we love!

beth said...

girl...some people will do anything to get out of cleaning the other rooms....KIDDING !

you're lucky you didn't kill yourself !!

and even if you feel better...play the poor pitiful me thing until at least friday !

lee said...

you do know your very lucky those to combos are deadly

Patty Mooney said...

Toni-poo, that sounds like the makings of a bomb! I am glad you are all right, but be careful!! We don't want to lose you!

Veronica said...

When I saw the recipe I knew.... holy explosion. How are you feeling now?
my poor poor baby.....