Tuesday, June 16, 2009

An Award and a Sisterhood I Claim!

Holly explained on her blog, "The award was created by a blogger named Jenn of Barefoot In The Sand. And, I don't know her that well, although I have visited her blog for a lurky a time or two. I love what she has to say about why she created this award: "You can never extinguish the Light that Shines brightly within all of us. If there is Hope, there is Light, if there is a Dream, that same Light will lead the way, and this Award I created this evening reflects that Creative Spark, that Light we all hold within us, but there are certain people who come to mind that Shine So Brightly that you can't help notice the Warmth that illuminates in all they do, and in what they represent and just who they are."

I'm always frustrated because a) these awards are blooms to me; I believe in them completely; I'm touched and heart-burst when I receive one. But the majority of those I want to forward them to 'don't do awards', which I understand completely, but that means I end up being the Stop Cog in the award wheel. Sigh. And Holly already awarded Beth, and she was my first thought when it came to illumination.

But here I go anyway, doggone it:

1. Patty Mooney, at A Diary Left Open, because she does what Beth does so well -- words and pictures that both (separately and together) tend to leave me gasping with delight and introspection. I love Patty's poetry, mainly, and her cheeky humor!

2. Cam, at Journey Wildly, for doing just that and carrying me along with her, letting me ride shotgun, jump on furniture, careen about in golf carts, swing and slide, and just generally be the Thinking Wild Woman that I am, in her grand company. I love you SO, Cam!

3. And Sam, at The Everyday Witch, who is one of my cornerstones and how did I EVER EVER draw breath without you, Woman?! Brilliance, humor, vision, and (yes) a BEWITCHING way of writing. Although she could be my daughter, by virtue of our age difference, it's NOT that -- she is my peer and my homey and my most-definite sidekick.

4. Veronica? too dadgum bad you don't want awards anymore, my little cabbage, cuz honey you are my internal light at all times. DEAL WIDDIT!! (kiss, kiss!) Created by Mel, and here is what both she and Holly said about this award: Holly: "But, every once in awhile, I'm struck by the premise that a certain group stands for, and hopes for others. To that end, Mel, has created a new badge: The Sisterhood of The Purple Bicycle. Now, I know you think I joined because of the color...not true. Although, I can't think of another color that is better suited. And, I know you'd like me to award it to you, but I can't do that. The Sisterhood can't be awarded. Nope. You have to decide to be part of it for yourself. You have to want it and make it happen."

And Mel herself, "It occurs to me," explains Mel, "That we are all on a similar sort of journey. Naturally, what we do and where we go and how we choose to get there is different, but in essence, our destination looks much the same. We are reclaiming, we are celebrating, we are rediscovering. We chafe against our boundaries, we are challenging our restrictions - some self-imposed, some societal, we seek to take back what was lost or taken from us along the way. We explore with our words, with our art, with our spiritual path - we take on 'challenges' and projects to stretch and push ourselves further toward that destination. And we share it all with each other. The triumphs, the doubts, the disappointments, the memories, the revelations and the Joy. We gather the bones and, together, are singing them to life in a glorious song of celebration.

"And because of this, I think we should be shouting it from the highest rooftops, yodelling from the loftiest peaks that we, in all our strivings, in all our efforts to define and re-define Who We Are - are part of a bigger picture, we are all interconnected; a community of women whose spirits may have been battered and bruised, but are intact and gaining strength with every step. We are still casting about in the Shadows, unearthing and bringing to Light long-forgotten things, but we take strength from each other as we move forward, as beautiful works-in-progress. I, for one, feel Blessed to be journeying alongside you all; to be hacking my way through the forest, knowing that somewhere, just off to my left and right and slightly ahead or behind, is another warrior soul doing the same."

What else can I say but OH YEA I'M IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


cinner said...

Toni, congratulations on your award. Both you and Beth deserve it. You are both lights in blogland! Take care....cinner

beth said...

geez, are we lucky or what having holly loving all over us today ??

I guess I'm a brick wall when it comes to the award giving, too, as I just can't seem to send the award on...so since you did...I'll take all the blame for putting the light out this time...

I think it goes way back for me when i decided chain anythings were not going to part of my life anymore...all those recipe chains when my kids were little... YIKES !

so anyhow....thank you for being a sweetheart and keeping the flame burning !

Mel said...

Congrats on your award, dahling...and welcome to the ride...:)

Patty Mooney said...

Well, that's a great honor and I am grinning like a big dawg right now. I will take the award and run with it! Thanks Toni-oh!

Wildly Cam said...

Thank you, Toni! I SOOO love you too! It is a crime against the natural order of things that we don't live next door to each other.

We would have a hella good time, Sister.


Samantha said...

blush blush gush mush ... all over you babe .... YOU ROCK
Love this whole post ~ spreading the Sistahood Luv. Awesome.

Awards are lovely. They are blooms and heart-bursts of joy, smiles, satisfaction. They speak, "Ah, if nowhere else today, I am recognized here for who I am ~ hooray."

Shall we do a little dance around the apple tree out back my place ~ it's lovely there today.