Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mike's Hard Lemonade & Dreamscapes

Beth did it! It's Beth's fault! [woot! giggle!]

She recommended (no, not just 'recommended' -- HIGHLY recommended! And more than once! Matter o'fact, it's come up quite a LOT!) that I try the pomegranate-flavored Mike's Hard Lemonade. This is what Toni dreamed after two (or was it 3?) chilled pomegranate Mike's Hard Lemonades, served iced, in lime-salt-rimmed glasses. On the patio, after journal backgrounds, to the sound of Rickie Lee Jones on my boombox. Mmmm HMMMMM!! They go down like Kool-Aid in, oh, 2nd gear, just mellow & sweet & so so easy.

"... some people call me the space cowboy
some call me the gangstuh of love ... "

(in jester tights, true story!)


cinner said...

A chilled pomeganet mikes hard lemonade sounds awesome....I would have to stop at one though or I won't be making any sense. you sure get alot done though don't you. I love the one with the bus. Have a great day Toni, take care, cinner

beth said...

I love when others fall in love with what I love, especially when it's my favorite summer drink !

oh the trouble we could get into if I was there with you and drinking 3 of those....or 4 :)

Wildly Cam said...


I did not get this memo! There is a Pomegranate Mike's Hard Lemonade?

Holy shiz. I know how I'm gonna unwind Saturday night!

By the way, I don't know the brand, but Walmart is selling $3 bottles of wine now. I just had to walk away...

Holly said...

I love a woman who can make a bigger sinner outta you! Thanks Beth!!!

lee said...

some people call me maurice

I love that song...I also love Mikes Hard Lemonade. Tonight I sat on the deck and had a Ceasar , salted glass with plenty of ice and read and old Cloth paper Scissors.