Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Colorized Julification

Take 1. ooh how I love this. I didn't have any photo of my Klimt color inspiration at home, so just decided to ad-lib in the general color palette as I remembered it. I added some rubber stamp images to this -- saw it on several samples by other of Julie's students and completely gravitated to it! It adds texture without being an overpowering visual element - easy to journal over. Take 2. An experiment with layering crackle paint colors. I wanted the darker colors underneath to hopefully crackle up thru the 'worn lipstick' color on top. Kind of worked. Take 3. Added paper scraps were from some of my homemade paper. Chinese script stamped on in Staz-On red and copper for texture. This is the only page I did drips on, using a purple watercolor crayon and wiping MOST of the drips off. I'm itching to journal on this page.


Holly said...

You know I'm digging the third one...way nice.

beth said...

ohh lah lah !!!
I'm loving these especially the one with a B...I'm such a nerd that way !

Alison said...

I'm with Holly - love the third one!