Friday, June 5, 2009

Crackle in the Left Corner, Toni in the Right

Instructions for Lesson #6 included spreading a very thin layer of crackle paint in different areas on the paper. I used a color called Milled Lavender ... out of a semi-used bottle from long ago. Nary a crackle, man, nary a crackle. So I went wayward and did my own thing. Pffft. Inspired by/copied from the artist Marilyn Stevens' series: Patterns of Life. This feels like vintage Paris to me, like some of the old postcards for sale in Montmartre. The thing about crackle paint is that it has a definite shelf life. I've had this little jar of milled lavender for at least 7 months. Advice: use your crackle paint muy pronto, or be prepared for a) zero crackle, followed by b) crackle paint jar launching into the trash can! This reminds me of the rainy Parisian day when My Lovely Mother and I visited the Eiffel Tower, floated up to the 3rd level ... all of Paris, in every direction, bathed in a misty, violet-gray light ... it was something!


Kennedy Ink said...

love the warning to use the crackle fast! :)