Monday, June 29, 2009


I have nothing to show for myself, for the weekend. I managed to get all my piles of maybe-this-will-go-to-England laid out on the bed Saturday morning, organized, checked off or added to the master checklist, laundered, considered, and then the first go at packing done. Too much stuff, but I always just start out with everything then edit from there!

Then I just collapsed into a lump on the bed, under my blankies. My throat had already been sore for 4½ days, rusty and clogged-feeling and painful just enough to keep the teapot going. Saturday morning, it hurt enough (along with my head), to shut me down. I watched HGTV until 10 p.m., floating in and out of naps.

Sunday? Throat was way better -- I sweat everything out overnight, I guess, cuz I woke up drenched and with a much clearer head. Showered, wrote outside for a while on my patio roost, then decided another day of 'just chillin' was exactly what I needed. But I lay on the couch, instead, and watched a few new-to-me DVDs, wrote in my journal, snoozed with Zoe on my feet ...

and I'm ALMOST DONE with the Beatrix Potter bio ... maybe 20 more pages. What an incredible book!!! I recommend it to anyone with more than a passing interest in her or in the life/times of her era. What a mind-blowing, deeply intelligent, multi-faceted, more-energetic-than-God (or so it seemed) woman!!! Peter Rabbit and the small books she wrote actually amount to about 1/8th of her contribution to art, science, and the environment.

REMINDER TO ALL: My Lovely Mother and I leave for England Friday ... I won't be on the wires, again, until July 14th at the earliest!


Holly said...

I won't know what to do without you. Really. I mean that. No kidding. And, I will be just thrilled for you each day you're there. You'll miss my birthday so look for a lovely card while you're there, something that drips your happiness for all you're seeing and experiencing...and send it when you get back...K? Reiki coming your way to end the attack of the throat...

Alison said...

How good that the throat is happening now and not while you are away! Just a bit of housekeeping getting sorted you see! I'll miss you too, but will also be out of action for most of July. I'm off to the States on Thursday, followed by Edinburgh then London. Back at the end of the month. And all that is followed by a few final weeks here packing up and saying gooodbyes. And then my year is up and I go back to New Zealand! :-( Anyway, you have a great time! I went off Beatrix Potter a bit when I saw the film in which she was badly portrayed by Renee Zellweiger! Lol.

beth said...

glad to know that not even a sore throat can take you down for long...javier likes that in his women, you know !!

and are going to be missed and envied all at the same time and equally as much !

if any french guys try to pick you up while you're there...LET THEM !!...just make sure they put you back down carefully....hee hee


Cam said...

I saw the Renee Zellwegger film about her, and loved it, so the next step would be to check out the story in print!!

I am so excited for you, Toni! I hope to be staring out at the Atlantic on at least one day that you are gone, and wondering if you can feel my love clear across the pond!