Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Monday, October 20th

Monday, we all drove over to My Lovely Mother's and my side of town so the kinfolk could visit our homes. Zoe just LOVED on Aunt Judy - that made me smile and smile. But the magic of having My Beloved Aunt Judy actually IN my studio -- how can I explain that? Her energy, her presence, the love I feel for her -- in my studio. It's here forever now. She looked at everything, took her time, asked me questions. I had several vintage Valentine postcards for her, and a few items of British Royalty I'd saved from the items my buddy Greg has given me -- she hugged and hugged me! Aunt Judy is very into that, and especially into Princess Diana, so giving her some old black & white photos, and a Princess Elizabeth postcard? A HUGE DEAL!! Cousin Kevin tinkering on My Lovely Mother's piano. My cousin Kevin in silhouette. Reminded me of those Michael Jordan Nike t-shirts.
Like I said: Uncle Sonny. Beeline. Recliner. True story. Recliner and Uncle Sonny and Mom's stuffed cat, Leonardo. Press Leonardo's paw and he whispers all sorts of fetching sweet nothings in a killer French accent. Uncle Sonny had a laughing attack and kept pressing the paw! Ms. Lisa. Mom, Aunt Judy, and Lisa. Myron. Myron and Lisa sitting on My Lovely Mother's piano bench.

Lunch at The Cheesecake Factory followed -- despite our warnings, they were unprepared for the portion sizes -- Uncle Sonny asked the waitress if he could order another person to help him eat his meal! After we got back to the hotel, we split up -- My Lovely Mother, My Beloved Aunt Judy and I went to see the movie "The Duchess" (which was so wonderful it deserves a post all to itself); the rest went to see a western, The Appaloosa? I dunno. Something like that.

Then everyone re-collected at the hotel for swimming, and (much later) dinner at The Cracker Barrel. Lots of goodbyes, too, since my brothers and guys wouldn't be at the hotel this morning when everyone left. Aunt Judy and Ciera got along famously -- all of us were excited for the two of them to reconnect (Judy saw Ciera when she was about 2 but not since). Gosh, just sitting around the pool, jabbering, the guys doing cannonballs, Ciera talking my cousin Kevin's ear off ... those moments are THE ONES, aren't they? I promised no shots around the pool, as none of us except Kevin have the swimsuit calendar bods we'd all like to have ... then I forgot my camera when we went to dinner, so this is it on the photos, except ONE more --

The Hands-Down Favorite.