Saturday, October 25, 2008

Love is a Journey

See the blue/gold flowers on the right? Packing tape transfer. See the angel on the top left? Packing tape transfer. Neener. I CAN do a transfer right when it comes to packing tape. Unfortunately, the background is a failed transparency transfer of one of my monastery postcards. DAGNABBITALL ANYWAY!!! So then I was forced to go in a different direction. I like this page, but the one I started out with in my head is still clamoring for realization. sigh. that means more transparency transfer efforts. I have about 10 more prints dangling from the top of my closet wall, out of reach of Zoe's chocolate pawlets.

Note: The French text says 'I wanted to keep the past's atmosphere intact.' This page is more about spirituality than 'love' between a man and woman, or human love.