Saturday, October 25, 2008

Written Journal Backgrounds

Bird images from my love, Ciera. Wall and wrapping paper bits from my long-ago swap with Patty at The Tuscan Rose. [Speaking of The Tuscan Rose, Patty has the new Basic Grey papers -- I'm DYING!!! and a new set of acrylic stamps that are killer. sigh. Gotta wait for Double BB to find a job, yup!] Acrylic paint and a few leftover journaling stickers. I'm seriously trying to thin out my leftovers drawer! Feeling expansive, I guess. Rubber stamps, a strip from a layering experiment, magazine punch outs and text. Ciera picked out the octopus image for me. The rest are bits from my leftover drawer, including the paint - had to put water in the bottles to get the last little paint color out. Sometimes these pages turn out so fun! I tried out a Martha Stewart border stamp on the right edge. Moody, this one. I found the Signal card on the ground and noticed the D. Brown name on it. Magazine images, a piece of reflective tape from work, magazine text, acrylic paint. I love this one -- did ink blot splatters on the opposite page, then pressed this one over the top of it. It feels like much of the art I see when I visit Mexico.