Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sunday, October 19th - Kinfolk

Sunday -- leisurely breakfast at the hotel, chatter chatter, then we headed up toward Cam and Chris'. Several of the folks wanted to go to church and we knew of a Lutheran church about 2 blocks from the twins' house. Those of us who didn't attend church got deposited at the house first, and spent the next hour watching Nascar and playing with The Patchy!!! Uncle Sonny? see next photo. Uncle Sonny is also the King of Recliners. He came through Cam and Chris' front door and made a beeline straight for this chair, and soon was napping! When everyone arrived from the service, we picked up pizza and wings and scarfed before being joined by my oldest male child and his lady, Erica, Double BB, and my bro' Bobby and his lady and her daughter. Pictures followed food.

My cousin Jamie making friends with Cam and Chris' cat, Prince. Closeup: My Lovely Mother and her nephew, Jamie. Closeup: My Lovely Mother and her nephew, Kevin. Closeup: Uncle Sonny and My Beloved Aunt Judy.
Closeup: My bro' Cam, my bro' Chris, my cousin Kevin, Uncle Sonny, Aunt Judy. Closeup: my bro' Bobby, his lady Luz and her daughter Florencia, my son David and his lady, Erica. The Gang - back row: Double BB [I know, a photo of Double BB!!!], my bro' Cam, my bro' Chris, my cousin Kevin, my cousin Jamie, my bro' Bobby, my oldest male child, David.

The Gang - front row: Uncle Sonny, My Beloved Aunt Judy, My Lovely Mother, my cousin Lisa, my bro' Bobby's lady, Luz with her daughter, Florencia in front, my oldest male child's lady, Erica.


Veronica said...

Boy you can sure tell your mom and aunt judy are related.