Monday, October 6, 2008

All Day Saturday

Coast. Magazine images. Yearning for the ocean (so what else is new?)!! Heated Flight. Magazine image I've loved and horded for --- ???? 3 years, at least. Thermometer picture from an old almanac. Wrapping paper scrap. Of Sand and Sea. Magazine images. Butterfly woman is a stamp available ... the designer is Fabian. Sunflower Beach. Nude over flowers is a rubber stamp image I collaged and printed on vellum. Butterflies - Mary Mata. How We Play. Magazine images. Autumn. The mornings and evenings here are finally [finally] chilly, but no leaves have begun to turn. I'm obsessing about the fall!!! Dance. All magazine images. Audrey. I'm starting to incorporate the treasured greeting cards I've saved - this one from My Beloved Aunt Judy ...


candy said...

I love them all! great work!