Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dirty Little Secret

Women aren't dolls. Women aren't donuts. We're not shadows in anyone's background. On the left, then, are words, represented as falling leaves: the old expectations, the useless stereotypes. On the right, words that are the trunk of truth about women, our depth, our resilience, our roots, our reality. Some would say all those rooted words should be kept a dirty little secret while we externally conform to the old, dead, shrunken list to maintain the comfort zone of others! Hence, the flowering quote in the tree branches. This quote, an extreme favorite of mine, came from Vogue magazine but eesh, blimey, shite! I didn't write down who to attribute it to.

Transparency transfer (at last!) Words from old book. Acrylic paint, graphite pencil, watercolor pencils, oil crayons, walnut ink scorched with heat gun.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful the depth and the quote today especially!

candy said...

I hear ya! Well said, and well done!


Zom said...

I like your pages. Beautiful, powerful and mysterious.

Veronica said...

wow you nailed it.