Saturday, October 25, 2008

Aloha piece for Tia Rosemary

Sweet Melissa, who was my oldest male child's lady for 4+ years, remains my friend. She reported to me that her Tia Rosemary loves my blog and my creations. Being as I was in need of a project to get me OUT of my journals, I asked about Tia Rosemary's favorite things, so I could make something for her. Melissa and I will present it when we all meet up for coffee, an arrangement we're still working on! The piece turned out so happy-feeling that I decided to use a close-up of a portion of it for my new blog header! I call this piece Aloha. Tia Rosemary loves purple, royal blue and pink, and wants to travel, especially to Hawaii! ['scuse the sorry background, but Aloha is outside dangling from my makeshift clotheslines while the sealer dries.] Upper left corner. Magazine image I love! Floral fabric swatches from Mercedes. Star chipboard shapes, Bella baubles, glitter. Lace 'crown' piece from Mercedes. Hand painted paper punched into flowers to go on her head. Upper left corner. Hand painted flowers, white & black rub-ons, acrylic paint. Lower left corner. Parrot playing card, floral fabric piece, and metro pass from Mercedes. Bella baubles from Miss V. Rub-ons. Lower right corner. Pink fabric square from a wallpaper sample book. Gold lace pieces throughout from Mercedes at Alterado, gift from Madrid! Butterfly from a wallpaper border roll. Rub-ons, and Bella baubles from Miss V. I love this rubber stamp image, here in the center of the white. The 'R' is for Rosemary, naturally. And a little lace and glitter crown!


Melissa G. said...

Wow, I know I shouldn't be in such aww, because all of your work is great and oh so beautiful. This piece is really pretty & fun! It's cool to see what you think represents her without ever having met her. :)
I think you got her down ; )

Veronica said...

This is awesome. I love it. I was wondering what was that from your header now I know. Melissa is right you nailed it. This is perfection

caseytoussaint said...

Such interesting work - I'm sure she'll love it!

lee said...

I love this, I thought you got a new header. If that is Rosemary she is one knockout.

candy said...

beautiful collage! I love the vivid colors...breathtaking!!!