Saturday, October 18, 2008

My kinfolk Are Here! My Kinfolk Are Here!

At 9:15 this morning, I'm driving over to swoop up My Lovely Mother, and then we're heading across town to spend the next 4 days in the same hotel with My Beloved Aunt Judy and the rest of my Nebraska kin -- Uncle Sonny, my cousins Jamie and Kevin, and cousin Lisa and her partner, Myron. I'll most definitely have the MuthaCam in tow and put it to good use. I'm so excited I'm dancing around my studio with a somewhat-reluctant Zoe, who is brreowing and meeowing in curious protest but not really fighting to be put down. I woke up at 4 with butterflies of joy lifting off in my stomach and this emphatic cheesy grin on my face that hasn't quit me since!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! And stay tuned for photos, as I packed all my electronics FIRST!!


Laura said...

How wonderful!!! I can feel your excitement in the pit of my stomach!!! Wishing you the best of times!

candy said...

Have a good time!


Beth said...

I'll be waiting for pictures of all the fun !!!