Saturday, October 25, 2008

My Own Paper - The Attempts Go On

Autumn Cape. Acrylic paint. It actually started out as an attempt at a transparency transfer, gone awry, as do ALL my transfer attempts.
Editor's Note: Very soon I'm going to have a magazine-&-book-burning in the middle of my doggone patio, all these transparency techniques that never flippin' work, eesh, blimey, shite! [What do you mean, operator error! Bite your tongue!] The only transfers that work for me are packing tape transfers. I've tried gel medium, I've tried spritzing glossy paper with water, I've tried that Citrus gel goop. pfffft. I'm not saying UNCLE yet, but I'm close.

Meanwhile, if you like this paper, please go ahead and download it and use it. Just trim off the stooopid wire binding edge my scanner refuses to cut off even when I tell it to (grin)! I made it after sitting on my patio at sunset on Thursday and soaking in the way the sky colors are deepening, the very very beginnings of leaf brownings, the hot pink layers of the lower horizon.


Veronica said...

you are so funny. I also can't do photo transfers or any transfers for that matter.

Mixed Media Martyr said...

He he! You make me giggle! Sorry to giggle at your expense!! I love this background paper!

lee said...

I also cannot do transfers, none work for me either. Yet on all the demonstrations they work for everyone else.

candy said...

I love these color combinations. Great job! I love your creations!