Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The sky was dark this morning ...

when I raised my head
I stood at the window
darkness was my bane ...'

4 weeks and one interview and Double BB is still looking for work. Unemployment hasn't kicked in yet. They wait '6-8 weeks' to start payments because 'usually by then most individuals have found a new job'. You do NOT want to get me started on my feelings about that attitude. What, pay unemployment when it's most needed?

This weekend, My Beloved Aunt Judy and 5 other of my Nebraska relatives will arrive, and My Lovely Mother and I will stay in the same hotel with them and I will forget, for a few days, any and all of my fears.

Yesterday, I learned Rachel Yamagata has a new double-CD release, "Elephants ... Teeth Sinking Into Hearts". Oh god. It's been 4 years since she released Happenstance, a mainstay in my line-up. Then, this morning, I open up MSN's 'Listening Booth', and what do I see but NIKKA COSTA has a new CD out, also, "Pebble to a Pearl". This is cheer on a scale beyond measure. And once our financial world stops its terrible teetering, there is still JONATHA BROOKE'S latest release, "The Works", awaiting me. Life is generous whatever way I choose to look at it. Challenging, yea, but look closely, no, CLOSER THAN THAT, and see the surprises? '... suddenly a sunbeam arc
thrilled me to my weary heart --
it was the prettiest thing I'd ever seen.
I knew I had to keep my love alive.'
-- Love Alive, Heart

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rivergardenstudio said...

Beautiful post. I hope things get better for you guys... Roxanne