Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Goodies Weekend: Zoe Takes Over One Particular Goodie

This cute mini colander also came from My Lovely Mother -- it's going to live atop my studio desk and collect the 'savings' and 'leavings' from my ongoing projects. I've learned that if I have those OUT, on my desk, when I start another project, they tend to get used. If I put them in my leftovers drawer, I forget about them. Zoe, of course, saw this new item and instantly settled her heinie into it, front paws resting on the desk top. And naturally by the time I got the MuthaCam out to take that picture (while laughing uproariously), she climbed out of it and casually sauntered off.
Playing it cool. Zoe's roost is atop my red rolling tool chest, here, directly in the path of the small fan behind me/us when I sit at my studio desk. What's this? Where ya goin'? What about your colander, you furry little wench? Colander? What colander? Zoe saw me get out the big sheet of matboard to use as a background for my other shots, and it was all over for that colander! I've seriously got to enroll her in a 12-step Mat Board Addict program.