Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Swept Away

[googled 'updo', this is some celeb]

This angle, and only this one, causes me to start thinking yea, maybe I should grow my hair out again. The bare back, the exposed neck [Double BB likes exposed neck], the whispy soft tendrils tickling my collarbone.

Then I remember 'the growing out process', 25 varied-&-exciting phases of looking like I slept on my lawn and the lawn critters slept in my hair, going from hair that is approximately 2/8" long to wispy tendrils long enough to pull up off my neck. I mean, my neck is exposed now, right? WHY doesn't it create the same effect/response? I may have to present that question to Double BB: "Is it my neck itself, or the idea of it being exposed with the wispy upswept long-hair tendrils? Huh? HUH?"

[P.S. Double BB is way too smart to get tripped up by such a question, no matter how cleverly worded (ha!). Anyway, I already know it's all about the long hair even though he would answer 'Oh, darling, of course it's your neck!']


Veronica said...

that is why I keep my shoulder length and a little longer so that I can do the updo and do the updo quite often. I am like you i just love the way it looks.