Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I Want to Do This

I would DIE to grocery shop like this, wouldn't you? Just mosey up (or down) river in a smooth narrow canoe, stop by the rice boat, the asparagus boat, the noodle boat, the kumquat boat. What an incredible way to maintain the thread of a community! I mean, I love Farmer's Markets, or stopping roadside to buy sweet corn from a vendor, that sort of thing. But this by far takes my cake!!! Grocery shopping on a river -- that needs to be a cool blues song! [image is a postcard I won from Ebay, place is Thailand]


Beth said...

I love this photo....it reminds me of when I was in HongKong in the fishing villages....

but ummm, after seeing what they eat, I'll stick with my grocery store !!!

can you believe that I actually ate bladder one night at dinner while I was there ???

we didn't know what it was....we told them to tell us after we had tried everything....and when they said bladder....well, I just about lost mine from laughing so hard !!!

and by the way...it was pretty tasteless and chewy !!!