Thursday, July 17, 2008

Journal Backgrounds

Sources: hardware - Tuscan Rose. My photo of the storm/sky/trees. New post-it papers, flourish sticker, and some Basic Grey scrap. Sources: Vintage Gent image - Tuscan Rose. Basic Grey papers. Redcane Kola flyer from Borders. Hiding behind the yellow post-it is a friend's photo who didn't want it visible on the post. Sources: License plate and large paper piece - The Tuscan Rose. Truck photo by my Dad. Butterfly - Mary Mata.
Sources: Center Image and tags from The Tuscan Rose; everything else from my stash (new green apple paper!)
Sources: Crazy lady & scalloped blue and gold tags: The Tuscan Rose. Sunflowers - Mary Mata collage sheet. Papers from my stash. New papers and stickers; photo from my collection. Text from an Anais Nin book. Paper scraps everywhere else, 'danger' tags by me, business envelope inside patterns. Same below. Underneath the striped paper framing that Come-Hither Woman is ... well ... I'm not telling. Let's just say Toni was in a Purty Sassy Mood last night.


Beth said...

are you like me where you have more pages ready for journaling than you'll ever journal in ?

I was just showing a friend yesterday some of my journals and we were laughing at how it will take me a lifetime to ever fill any of them since there are so many pages !!!

but they are beautiful and I love making them.....and they keep me out of trouble :)

Jamie Martin said...

Wow, youv'e been busy! All of the backgrounds are wonderful :)

SBS Sister