Saturday, July 5, 2008

A Whole Day, Just My Journal and Me!

My journal has become so bulky that I can no longer close the lid on my scanner, so the scans are coming out more washed out/pale than the pages actually are. 'Scuse. Sources: Photos are of the mermaid tattoo on my back, shot by Double BB; business envelope made into pocket/tag, rubber stamped images, rub-on (Imagination), stickers Sources: my art; scrapbook paper (sunflowers), various stickers, rub-on quote, rubber stamped images Sources: Horse image, my art scanned and reduced; barbed wire shot by me; various stickers & rubber stamped images. Sources: Various stickers and rubber stamped images; library pocket embossed with Cuttlebug die, tag inserts of course! Sources: Black & white little girl photos, The Tuscan Rose. Various papers, bandaid stickers, rubber stamped images. Various papers, stamps. Images from my own photos or scanned art. Sources: various scrapbook papers and stickers, rubber stamped seashell. Sources: various scrapbook papers and stickers. Sources: Fragment from my youngest male child's report card; various stamps and stickers. This page makes me feel so happy inside! Sources: Tuscan Rose (stamped image), various stickers and tags from my personal collections.
Sources: stamped image from The Tuscan Rose, Sheet called 12. Various stickers and tags, personal collection.
Sources: Haps BBQ menu from my day with Double BB; it's also got goings-on inside for me to write on. Everything else, except the little blue flower, came from my swap with Patty at The Tuscan Rose. Everything on this page except the white label (top right) and sticker (lower right) are from The Tuscan Rose -- vintage wallpapers from a swap with Patty. The stamped image is from a sheet called 12 that I bought from The Tuscan Rose. Sources: Train photo from my personal collection; bird stencil paper one of my experiments; various stickers/rub-ons, Basic Grey paper scraps Sources: Basic Grey papers, various stickers, woman image from The Tuscan Rose, music/rose fabric adhesive-backed piece I found at Big Lots Sources: Basic Grey bird rub-on (I keep buying this sheet just for this bird!); the pink pocket was the base for a sheet of stickers; Tuscan Rose telephone rotary dial transparency, little girl stamp also from The Tuscan Rose, various stickers Sources: free paper sheet from Stampers Sampler, Basic Grey rub-ons, various stickers, Woman image from The Tuscan Rose Sources: Mary Mata collage sheet (ferns), little girl with cat from The Tuscan Rose (stamp), various stickers and rubber stamps Sources: Mary Mata collage sheet (flowers), various sticker sets (Paris, green strip), rubber stamps. Sources: Mary Mata collage sheet, gymnastics stickers and silhouettes left by stickers, Basic Gray paper strip.
Sources: Mary Mata collage sheet, gymnastics stamps stickers, Lisa's Collage Art (phrase), one of my word-play slide mounts, Bandaid stickers.

Regarding sources: I want to give shouts of applause to the people and vendors who help make my journal pages so much more interesting and fun to create. Ignore them if they bug you, but they're not going away.


Anne, Bulles dorées said...

beautiful journal Toni !!