Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Altered Book Returns to Me!

My Altered Book, with the theme "A Sense of Place", returned to me two weeks ago -- I wanted to bring it into work for scanning (better quality)! Oh, the women who added their art to this book did SUCH rich layouts. A million thanks to Cher and Ellen! This is the sign in page -- I think if you click on it you can read my 'instructions' to get a better idea what the basic theme was meant to be. I made a sign-in pocket for each participant out of small cone coffee filters that I glued in-between some cut-off pages. The beach girl riding the wave is the pull-out Cher included in her pocket. Cher's first layout -- a Hawaiian sunset -- can you see the beading work on the right edge? Holy moly gorgeous!! Cher's second layout -- she wrote, 'As much as I tried to diversify 'my place', they all ended up being at the beach, in the ocean, near a sunset or in the mermaid's realm!' (AS IF I MIND!!!) Cher's last layout -- she wrote me a note, " On this page, I made all these 3-D mermaids using molds. I used colored hot glue sticks (& paper clay on one), and then highlighted the colors using pigment powders. I used a gold leaf pen to edge them and sealed with a gloss sealer.' WOW TO THE ZA!!! Ah, yes ...
This is Ellen's first layout, about New Mexico. She lived there and just loved it. I've visited and also driven through a couple of times, so I can really relate to this! So much culture, beautiful raw nature, artistic expression. Ellen's second layout, on Autumn (also MY favorite season) .... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Ellen's 3rd layout -- she loves being at home, and I love the peace and ease of this spread!


Veronica said...

Those are awesome pages. I love the book. YOu are so lucky. I still haven't got mine back yet. I love yours. the mermaid pages awesome... it is all awesome.