Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New Addition to Ciera's Menagerie!

THIS JUST IN FROM MY BRO', CHRIS!: "Ciera and I went and got a puppy today!"
"Jack Russell. She's 2 months old and ADORABLE. Has a ton of personality." "You should've seen Ciera when I took her to the pet store and told her she could pick out a puppy. She was so excited and happy -- it was priceless." "They are now inseparable."

I want to go live at Chris' house; maybe he'll adopt me even though I AM his older sister and then take ME to the pet store and tell me I can pick out a puppy. Meanwhile, you can bet I'll be headed back out to visit them ASAP!!! Like I told him, 'Oh, yea, sure -- wait until Mom and I leave THEN go pick out a puppy. Brat!'