Saturday, July 5, 2008

Barber Shop Photo Ops

You are here. This is where my youngest male child gets dropped off by Chauffeur Mom to get beautified. Here is WHY my youngest male child came here to get beautiful. I wanted a 'before' shot of him looking so-called ugly. He did his best to help me out. He'll also kill me if he discovers I actually POSTED this shot. Hey you! With the MuthaCam! We're watching you, watching us! & don't forget it. Payphone graffiti. Bench graffiti. Ack! I was going to ride this but didn't have any quarters. Shite! Outside the Food City grocery store. How many times did you beg to ride one of these when you were a kid? My youngest male child and another client wait. There were already 4 guys 'in line' at 8:45; no wonder mine wanted to get there at 8:30.