Thursday, July 31, 2008

My Older Bro', The Bobfather

Bobfather (center, white T-shirt) is one of the original blues brothers. He had a rock band in the early 80's out here in these parts, called Bigg Business, for which he blew harp (harmonica) and played rhythm guitar. Every once in a while, he still stands in with a band. This time he did 2 sets for a band at local blues bar called 26th Street Blues. [Note: once upon a time this bar was called Warsaw Wally's, AKA "Wartime Wally's" as we affectionately called it]!! I missed this particular jam because my cell phone was at home in my studio, on the charger, when Bobfather left me the details, and I didn't even visit my studio when I got home that night. Otherwise, you can bet I would've been there! I NEVER EVER miss it when Bobfather gigs and I still want to use very unladylike language when I think about missing THIS event.