Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Dreaming Pages

What a wondrous gift from My Lovely Mother -- she treated me to one of the French magazines that are so expensive I make myself read them IN the bookstore. All of these photos are from the Avril-Mai 2008 issue of Maisons Cote Sud. This is such an enormous treat for me -- tomorrow morning I'll sit down with my French/English dictionary, my coffee, and my journal and read this. I need the dictionary to help me with the verb conjugations, mostly. And I need my journal close at hand to capture the flow of poetry lines, dreams, responses, I feel whenever I peruse one of these. I read out loud (in both French AND Spanish) to Miss Zoe sometimes in my studio, just to watch her perplexed expression! The few issues I do own of this magazine and its 3 other sister publications are sacred to me -- I would never and will never take scissors to them for any reason! Thank GOODNESS for scanners!


Veronica said...

These are amazing pages. I am thinking the one of the hallway is the best. I love it.
Did you read the book?????