Sunday, July 27, 2008

Weekend Activities, and Journal Backgrounds

Home again -- errands run, Zoe's litter box de-poopified, a short patio roost writing fest, some scanning done. I drove over to my bros' house on Friday evening. My Lovely Mother was already over there. So nice to just be a couch potato, to play with Ciera, go along when she gets a new Hannah Montana outfit and 3D glasses (so we could watch the 3D Hannah Montana movie later), to sit on the patio sampling a new-to-me and DELICIOUS wine (which is saying VOLUMES cuz I just don't like wine). For you winos out there, or whatever the official name is, it's by Oak Leaf, Pinot Grigio Chardonnay. Anyway it was so good I went back for seconds, unheard of. We watched In the Valley of Elah, a deeply depressing, thought-provoking, and stunningly acted movie with a cast that included Tommy Lee Jones, Charlize Theron, and Susan Sarandon. That was Friday night, to be followed by the lighthearted flick called Sideways -- lots o'foul language in that one, got really old as I don't consider the 'F' word much of a display of vocabulary. But it IS the reason we decided to buy a couple of bottles of wine the next day, as it takes place in the California vineyards ... lots of wine discussions if you're into that and can tolerate the 'F' word every other word. Today, Ciera asked me to 'spot' her on some backbend and back walkover attempts. She takes gymnastics, and was thrilled to learn I spent most of my adolescent life doing the same thing. My bro, Cam, took and sent me these pictures. Eesh, blimey, shite, I look like death warmed over, so just look at Ciera, will ya? Ok, tumbling mat ready, spotter ready, Ciera acknowledges the camera!
The girl is smiling! She's upside down and she's grinning! Only Ciera! High Five, Baby!!!

As for journal backgrounds, did these Thursday.
I've set a couple goals for myself: 1) use my rubber stamps and I DON'T mean my favorites, and 2) use my paper scraps. This rubber stamp guy came from a Tuscan Rose sheet on which every other stamp is to die for. This guy? Well, it must be said -- I just don't 'get' him. So I used him first -- kick it off with a serious challenge, why not! What can I say -- sometimes you feel like a nut! Sources: My stamp, sticker, and paper stashes. I have almost every imaginable animal rubber stamp ... and each one represents someone I know or have known. Except for the skunk, none are derogatory whatsoever, not even the ant eater! The panda is my brother, Cam, because he fell in love with the little panda (we call him Buttuh, cuz he melts us) who was born at the Washington D.C. zoo, and we tracked the PandaCam daily for the first year. So Cam is a Panda in my head. More of my stamps and paper stashes. I have 2 file folders stuffed with images I printed off some ephemera CDs ... those are getting used, too! In this case, the sewn looking thingie. The raccoon represents one of my favorite crew guys at work. The REALLY COOL THING about making art is that when you receive 2 million insufficient funds notices from your bank in the mail, and when said banking institution has already taken more of your money than they deserve, you can make journal backgrounds and still enjoy the sensation of having the last word! Sources: papers from Mary Mata's scrap paper pack, bar mop cloth wrapper, Wells Fargo notice, rubber stamp. Sources: Wells Fargo insufficient funds notice, my slide mount/word play image, rubber stamps, hilarious little rooster boy a gift but it's a Tuscan Rose collage sheet. Of course we know who the BITE ME! comment is directed to, eh? [Did I say Wells Fargo?!]


Beth said...

come look great in those photos...what are you talking about ???

Laurel said...

How cute, the little one smiling while doing a back flip, only a kid could do that! I love your journal, you are such an inspiration!

candy said...

i love the bite me page! awesome!!

Veronica said...

okay first off the pics of you and C are fantastic. I love it. Now the wells fargo peice is PRICELESS. who but you would ever come up with that idea???????

I am telling you priceless totally priceless