Monday, July 21, 2008

Update on Bank Fiasco

Double BB, my darling, worked at Wells Fargo for 15 years. He made one phone call today, and ten (TEN) of those stooopid insufficient funds fees went away. OOH yea. It's so nice having a husband who once was in high places, and didn't burn bridges when he changed banks!

My Dad said it quite succinctly, "They're willing to take that money from you? Banks used to be a service institution. Now it's just a profit machine."

But whew, ten is better than none ... there were four more, but I can handle that a whoOOOOOle lot better!

Thank you to everyone for advice, sympathy and cheer. It was obvious I needed it, and you wonderful folks delivered! Sometimes, I swear, Bloglandia is better than Oz. True story. You women plain rock the Munchkins right outta Munchkinland!


Beth said...

so glad I could be one of those munchkins !!!

and I'm still working on some love for you....

tell me, are you a purse person ?

Veronica said...

woo hoo.... now only egg salad for a few
I still love egg salad my favorite sandwich. So glad that he got them taken care of.

Pierina said...

Hola Toni!!!!!! Sorry!!!! I'm here, alive!!! :) Last sunday was the first day free!! without people and boxes around us :)
I was almost 3 weeks after the moving without internet.
Promise I will write you an email with my new address!. A big, big hug!! (of course I love you!!!) jaja

rivergardenstudio said...

I'm glad everything is working out! Thanks for your very cute comments on my blog and of course you can use pictures in your journal! Have a great week...Roxanne

jo said...

So glad it worked out better for you Toni. Life can be a bitch sometimes especially where money's concerned!