Saturday, September 13, 2008

Surprises from Madrid!

Magic! Bliss! Excitement! Tingles! Dancing in place!! Look what my blogging friend, Mercedes, sent to me!!! Feathers to accompany a private greeting. Wallpapers! Look at these, two of them almost looked stenciled (spraypaint stenciled, I mean). Gorgeous stuff, shimmery too! Fabric and paper-wrapped bundles, tied with ribbons. This is such a treat, my goodness!!! Pinned lengths of lace -- are these not INCREDIBLE!! I adore the pins, actually, what a sweet touch! Lovely, gauzy fabric remnants. THIS is where Mercedes so inspires me - they way she incorporates fabric pieces like this onto/into her canvases and journal pages. Old pages in beautiful handwriting and several languages, and more twine-bound surprises! They are truly a matched couple, aren't they? POSTCARDS!!! I love them! Shells, playing cards, ephemera! Faces by Modigliani, in postcard and brochure form. I don't really know very much about this artist, but now I'm curious. Botanical and bird playing cards, which I'll scan so I can keep the originals forever. And ooooohhhh!!! I opened the tiny bag of SEASHELLS! Mariposas! Butterflies! These will definitely flutter to rest in my written journal! I know what this is ... & my hands are shaking with excitement! Mercedes' gift of loveliness and friendship ... ... in the company, now, of my cherished Italian gypsy.


Mercedes said...

Make you feel happy is great for me .Now enjoy your goodies, I´m wishing to see what you will do

rivergardenstudio said...

What beautiful treasures from Madrid...and I love your newest creations! Roxanne