Monday, September 8, 2008

Anonymous Messages - Prepped

I bought 2 packs, 10 sheets/each, of 11x17 poster board at the 99-cent store. Saturday I worked the backgrounds on three of them. Yesterday, I made these little messages, which I'll be taping around this week. Very relaxing, very good way to use up smaller bits and pieces, excellent forum for experimentation.

Also, I'm not going to continue taking photos of where I tape them up, just because I don't carry the MuthaCam with me most times when I'm out and about, and because these are tiny little thoughts and not the lovely wings that Miss Susanna is leaving. I don't want to draw attention to myself or the fact that I'm taping up a Feel Good piece of art. A-Side


Beth said...

I LOVE this ROCK !!!

Mercedes said...

Great exercise to your imagination and great time playing , that ´s the best !!!!

Sea Angels said...

Fantastic they have a wonderful sensitive , yet punch layered look that I always looks easy...but the composition is everything....and not so easy. love them.
Your comment on the dress blew me away, I like the way you think, I wish I could meet you for lunch, you are so astute and think so differently, its fresh and I love it.
Hugs Lynn xx