Thursday, September 11, 2008

1,000 Artist Journal Pages, +2

First of all: if you are a visual artist of any kind, but particularly a visual art journalist, DO YOU OWN THIS BOOK? If not, may I shout sincerely from the bottom of my toes to the top of my newly-blonded head: "RUN DON'T WALK TO YOUR NEAREST BOOKSTORE AND GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" [or get on Amazon, for crying out loud, and find a used copy, that's how I got mine!!] Outside of the 2 journaling books by Gwen Diehn, this one is my inspiration source beyond all sources. I hope Ms. Dawn DeVries Sokol does a sequel, or twelve. Wanting the ocean, wanting the spectacular way the light glows there, reflections and shimmers, wanting the magic I feel inside ONLY there. A Teesha Moore-inspired journal page. HOW DOES SHE DO IT??????? This page alone took me 2½+ hours (including the dreaded drying time) ... I'm going to peruse her blog and other websites later to find out a) if she preps backgrounds in advance and b) what kind of markers/pens/writing implements she uses, cuz my Crayola magic markers weren't exactly ... cooperative!


candy said...

it looks like an awesome book, but I'll have to wait till I save up some moola. Thanks for posting this book idea!