Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Page by Page #3 Is Available

Of course I'm telling you this because the Zine (I have issue 2; and have ordered this issue) is kind of a newborn, and I want to support Kira's efforts.

And of course I'm telling you this because the Zine has wonderful interviews/ profiles -- in Issue #2 it was SuziBlu, who I'm seriously going to marry after I marry Tim Holtz. In this issue, it's Roben-Marie Smith.

And of course I'm also telling you this because the journal pages sampled, contained, will have your art-chops slobbering down to your kneecaps!!!

But of course I'm also letting you know this because, ohmygod, this is the first time yours truly has been published! Yes, I have an article in Ms. Kira's Page by Page zine, and I'm SO EXCITED!!!!!! It's about keeping a traveling journal -- not a travel journal, mind you, but a journal that travels with you wherever you go, like the one I tote in my Big A** Purse.

So skip on over to Kira's site, here, and be ready to be tempted!!!!


Mercedes said...

HEEYYYYY!!! Really you are there ? I just check Kira´s Blog and read aboutd this new one. I have got any of the other but I can guess she does a wonderful work inside.OH, you were so quiet about something about you there!!!

iHanna said...

Your article is great and very inspiring! :-)