Monday, September 1, 2008

The Soulful Florencia

Waiting offstage while Ciera finishes. Although Miss Florencia knew the lyrics to every song Ciera played and sang to, it wasn't until Alicia Keyes came on the ipod that Florencia stood up and wanted the mike. Alicia Keyes' music lit this young lady from within. [Look at her emotion. Seriously. Florencia was singing along, word for word, to Alicia Keyes 'No one, no one' and she forgot the camera, forgot to hold up the mike, forgot we were all even in the room with her. It was amazing to see the emotions move through her features.]
Florencia covers Alicia Keys like Alicia Keys never dreamed of doing it herself! Sharing the stage with grace! 'Thank you! You've been such a great audience!' Florencia grants an interview!


Beth said...

so how beautiful is this child...OMG !!!!