Thursday, September 4, 2008

Somewhere Else, & Here

Somewhere Else, & Here

Somewhere else,
autumn romances the sky with
hands that warm the air to gold.
Somewhere else,
leaves fall under the air's influence,
into a harmony of red-yellow-sienna washes
that gentle the horizon.

I want to make love like this - here.

Here, I want first the heat,
this heat, our heat, yours & mine,
my green saturated reach,
stark outline of desire contrasting
with your blue-white approach.
Then the collision, the
blur of bloom &
surround, the grip of our
joining, like leaves attached to
each other, attached to a
singular limb, & following
our mingled pulses
to the roots that thrust
into connection's soil.

Feel: our wind blowing.

Listen: our leaves singing a new sky,
our melodic leaves,
heat-blown & rippling &
deep deep green.

Only then [only then]
the quiet, imperceptible
transition painted by separation -
green to gold, green to yellow,
green to parting,
green suffusion draining from
the wind, the heat,
the veins, the
oneness of us, air together.

Then [then]
our tender golden light,
our merged sky sighing,
the leaf of us
tumbling, twirling,
gasping, exhaling,


lab productions // antonia brown, 09/04/08
for Double BB