Monday, September 15, 2008

Magazines Come to Life

One of the most exciting, surprising and LIBERATING pieces of advice I've ever encountered, I found on Teesha Moore's website which explains her journal page techniques. She said, "Look at magazines upside down, to take the page contents out of their context, and then FIND THE UNEXPECTED." Yesterday, late afternoon, I took my new issue of Vogue outside and did exactly that. Below are the results, on unfinished written journal backgrounds. Plaza de Toros con Pajaro -- including some of my surprises from Madrid! Swan. La Muerta y La Mariposa I LOVE THIS ONE!!! I LOVE THIS ONE!!!! I LOVE THIS ONE!!!! I honestly can't wait to see what becomes of this page. [This background actually came out of an Anthropologie catalog] Don't these tree-like, Sasquatch-looking thingies remind you of that child's book, Where The Wild Things Are? I loved, and still love, that book! Outer Space Visitor. And Toni plays with one of two new templates! Owl. SO darn cute, too. Second new template, all circles.


Mercedes said...

VEry interesting how you used the ticket and the card

Anonymous said...

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