Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Eyes See Everything (Wisdom, Silencio)

A co-worker of mine left his house early two mornings ago, and on a tree in his yard sat an owl, speaking to him. This guy, however, has been taught the superstition that sightings of an owl mean death, and it spooked him the remainder of the day. When he told me about it, I listened, then quietly told him, 'I think you've been touched. To me, owls are an ancient, pure, strong symbol of wisdom - to have one find you, and speak to you? Amazing.' It caught his attention, at least. Last night, I made this visual journal page, thinking about it.

Please note: the beautiful owl sketch is one I found on Google and did my utmost to copy, with the help (head, feet) of graphite paper. The artist responsible for originating this winged wise creature is Rebecca Latham -- see her sketch, right.