Thursday, September 4, 2008

Fowl Play

This Sweet Lady Guinea Hen followed me around for 30 minutes, keeping her distance (about 2 feet behind), but finally she came up and let me pet her ... hmmm, does one 'pet' feathers? or 'stroke' them? Well anyway, she let me run my hand over her for quite a while, as she made sounds almost like cooing but more stacatto. As soon as her mates saw the massage taking place, a shuffle for front-&-center place began. I kid you not -- the ladies formed a line and the pitch of the 'cooing' increased exponentially as each one stepped in.

Back up at the main buildings, Da Feathered Fellas showed up en masse, & with a few female followers ... can you see the lower-leg feathers on that speckled stud in the bottom center of the picture? And this bird was ALL about admiration, pose pose pose. Hilarious!