Friday, September 12, 2008

The Jolt/Inspiration of Handwriting

I just came from visiting Hanna's blog - my first time to that airy, light, spacious-feeling spot. While enjoying her posts, it suddenly occurred to me that part of the attraction was the enormous artistic response I felt to her writing, along with the magazine clippings (the words), in Swedish -- because I don't speak the language, not one whit, her/that writing becomes another artistic image, or form, or pattern, or background, whatever you want to call it.

Now I'm thinking: gosh, what if I could collect handwriting from different journalists, in languages I don't speak, and use them to create patterns and forms and backgrounds in my OWN journal? Or simply collect multi-lingual journal pages from around the globe, handwritten, and assemble them as 'papers' in a book, to be used by myself and others? No one would have to submit anything too personal, or could even write fun things, quotes, lyrics ...

hmmmmmmmmm. I do so love a good idea.

Meanwhile, go step into Hanna's sunshiny blog parlor, it's so lovely there!