Sunday, April 13, 2008

You Can Count on Me To ...

My blogging friend, Beth, occasionally posts a blog entry which is a list. I really liked the idea of this one, her most recent theme, so here is my response.

You Can Count on Me To ...
* Be early
* Take a nap on Sunday afternoons
* Get lost even with a map, but eventually get there
* Have a journal and 40 pens with me, no matter where I am
* Give you a hug hello & goodbye
* Roll down my car windows
* Lift my chin into ANY breeze & not care what it does to my hair
* Melt when Double BB kisses me on the back of my neck
* Take my bra off as soon as I get through the front door
* Remember my dream(s)
* Remember a movie via its soundtrack more than the story
* Make killer salsa to make you sweat & cry
* Do/help with the dishes
* Write a poetry line about it
* Notice if you're wearing perfume or cologne
* Give you an honest answer if you're brave enough to ask
* Take a walk in the rain
* Pet any dog that crosses my path
* Fondle the eggplant & asparagus in the vegetable aisle
* Order seafood over beef
* Notice something unique & beautiful about you OUT LOUD
* Prefer music over TV on every occasion
* Snore
* Listen both to what you're saying and NOT saying
* Cry whenever I get to visit the ocean
* Take 12 hours when shopping in book, CD, craft, or antique/flea market stores
* Beg off of loud gatherings featuring intent to booze it up
* Dance in my studio even if it frightens my cat


rivergardenstudio said...

This is a great list! Some of it reminds me of myself. I wish I could taste your salsa, that is something I have never tried to make, afraid, I guess... Roxanne

Beth said...

Ahhh....I love your list !!!
Isn't it so fun to think about the things that make YOU, you....and then write about it ????

And the bra coming off.....oh gosh, that is sooo true. And when that comes off, the sweatshirt and sweatpants go on !