Friday, April 4, 2008

Cards Received; Card Made

On the left is a Mother's Day card made by Carolina -- I think I admired it by way of leaving approximately 400 comments on her post -- so you can but imagine my DELIGHT when there it was, in my mailbox yesterday ... along with a homemade barrette for my Darlin', Ciera!!
And on the right is a handmade card by my friend Jane, who slipped it into my Stampin' Up rub-ons order. Isn't it gorgeous? Took me straight back to Venice, in my mind.

This is for a relative of our wonderful family friend, Klaus, who lives 'across the pond', in Manchester, UK ... My Lovely Mother recently visited Klaus, and his ex-wife, M, who is still his good friend, invited them both over for tea and conversation. My Lovely Mother still talks about that afternoon, the beautiful ambiance, home & manner she felt with and from M. As My Lovely Mother can tend toward the shy side, I am sending M this card as a thank you for welcoming Mom so sweetly!
Inside of card: M has been a dancer and choreographer, also actress, all her life -- this fashion shot reminded me of that. My message to her is on the back of the bird tag. Notice the white rub-ons? Those would be my new ones from SU!
I also received an enormous, packed-to-the-gills GOODY BOX from my Veronica ... I just have NOT had a chance to really delve into it, let alone scan anything. Oh, but I will! I WILL!!!


Jenn said...

Wow...what beautiful cards you have received from your friends and what beautiful card you have made for your family friend. They all have so much detail and are absolutely gorgeous!!!!

Veronica said...

ohhhhhhhhh you always do just cool stuff with sandra's bird cage lady stamp. I love this. I like the tonal colors? is that the right word? toanal? anyway the color combination. lol

Teresa K. said...

Wow... the birdcage lady... stunning. The dimensions, the color, the texture... you are so good at that.

Carla said...

These are awesome, Toni!! Love them all! And no, I haven't forh=gotten about your email questions, I've just had a hard time getting back to you! I even have a draft started and saved, and hope to finish it tonight! I would never forget you, I'm just slow!