Sunday, April 6, 2008

And She Does It!!!! (or: On Go the Dreaded Tennies!)

I've been trying to muster myself up and out the door for a walk all week. Today I said, 'ENOUGH!! JUST DO IT!!' Being an enterprising wench, I also slung the MuthaCam around my neck, stuffed my Go Green bag in my cargo shorts' pocket, and aimed my person in the direction of the Joann's about 3/4's of a mile from my house. This store location is going out of business, and I decided to pay them one last visit to see if I could score any cool stuff for way cheap. So -- on went the tennis shoes. I feel like I have club feet, or cement blocks on my feet, when I wear tennis shoes. And these are LIGHT ones. Also I hate socks. I have issues, don't I? But anyway, on they went, and I power-walked (that means in 3rd or 4th gear instead of 'mosey') up to Joann's. And I did score (pictures at the bottom). I moseyed home, though, because I haven't been on a date with my MuthaCam for a while, and wanted to see what's been changing around the 'Hood.

Goodyear Tire - closed.
Florist window display -- awesome! Very Rome, very 'Bella', very Audrey Hepburn! I'm SO glad this photo turned out, as I was shooting through the glass.
Airbrushed fingernails. Kinda creepy.
Window poster - LOVE this!
Window poster. too. Very intriguing. Couldn't find the artist's name anywhere.
Outdoor garden. Ok, they're plastic, but I love the way they caught the light.
My beautiful, wild, beloved garden with the wrought iron fence has received an extreme makeover. We're talking BALD! And hardly any of the wrought iron remains. I left a note shoved through the mail slot to please contact me, as I would really LOVE to have a panel out of that fence.
Wrought iron, I love. Tennis shoes? Well, you already know.
Well, the beast is out of the ground and then some -- and we've learned this is going to be a condominium complex. Swell (not).
Building under way. Really mostly resembles chaos, doesn't it!
$250,000+ condos -- the before shot.
The crane has lived here for 2 months -- they're using it to lift the huge concrete panels into place. Very cool to watch -- from a distance!
Ground debris, retrieved by moi for use ... eventually, somehow, somewhere. I want those little keys off the smashed Blackberry! And the funeral paper, holy moly!! Loving the neon safety string I found, too! The beer cap says 'Sol' (Spanish for sun, very Phoenix-appropriate)! The other 2 tags are from the construction site, receipts or labels from their steel load deliveries.
Sheer fabrics, because I want to attempt some journal entries a la Mercedes, and 3 Ralph Lauren paint pods for my personal upcoming altered book project of The Prodigal Summer.
Those interior design fabric samples, down to 80 cents ... some little chipboard ribbon slides, buttons. The gold fabric piece will become a journal cover.
Close-up of buttons. 2 cards for a buck; $24 worth of buttons for $4. I NEVER buy the buttons I really really love cuz somehow I always pick the $5 cards. This was a huge treat for me. Total cost of Joann's goodies: $9.38. $5 of that was the fabric.
Here is my shopping bag -- doing my part to 'go green.'
Dear God, Thank you for flip flops, Amen.


Veronica said...

wow, such good finds. I love the paint pots. that is awesome....
yeah for going green ... I use my ikea big blue bag and my trader joes bags and my new tjmaxx it bag. I also believe in going green. I can't wait to see the gold journal cover... do you need more buttons I have tons of buttons

Beth said...

that was fun !!!

and you know what? I also have an issue with socks...hate them !!!

and tennis shoes....I love to wear them, but it takes me forever to find a pair that fits right !

Carla said...

I LOVE< LOVE< LOVE this entry! I feel like I got to go on a walk with you!

I don't mind my tennies, but I hate high heels. I'm wearing high heels today. It's 8:26 am, and my feet already hurt!

carla said...

Way to go! I'd say it was definitely worth putting the sneakers on and taking that walk - lots of treasures and exercise to boot!

Carolina said...

How fun! I love walking around the neighborhood. Though I have to admit that walking around in the city is better than walking around suburbia. I'm such a city girl - LOL! You got some wonderful inspiration pieces. The buttons and the other items look great, can't wait to see what you do with them.